MK’s Tutu’s & Tie’s themed 2nd Birthday Party!

On Sunday, March 18th Posh Tot Event’s had the pleasure of hosting MK’s tutu’s and tie’s themed party to celebrate her 2nd birthday.  MK and her friends celebrated with style by donning custom made tutus for the girls and festive orange and white polka dot ties for the boys. The guests got the chance to get fancy with their craft project and decorate black top hats and pink crowns.  The party continued as the happy children snacked on their orange and pink tutu and tie themed cupcakes, cake and yummy delicious sugar cookies to match.   This party theme left no detail unturned and left every guest wanting more! Happy 2nd Birthday MK! We can’t wait for number 3!

Below are some of the best snapshots of the day, enjoy!



J’s 9th Birthday-A Luau Adventure!

Saturday, February 25th we had the pleasure of joining J along with her friends and family at her Luau Adventure party to celebrate her 9th Birthday. Did you know Posh Tot Events can bring the party to your home or event space? Check out all of our current package information by clicking here!  J and her friends celebrated in style by making their own lei’s and shell jewelry, creating a larger than life totem pole and even got the chance to enjoy candy out of a giant pig shaped pinata. The table centerpieces were life-size palm trees and J’s guests sipped their drinks out of coconut glasses complete with mini-umbrellas and colorful straws. Hibiscus flower and Hawaiian shirt shaped cookies by Yummy Delicious Cookies were the cherry on top of the beautiful cake and cupcakes provided by Dot’s Delights. We hope J had as fabulous a time as we did at her island getaway right in her own home! Here are some of the best shots of the day.

Bert’s Big Adventure Send-Off Party: February 16th, 2012

The Bert’s Big Adventure send-off party took place in the wee-hours of the morning on Thursday, February 16th at the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Hotel.  This year was special not only because we had the repeat privilege of seeing all those deserving families smiling faces but also, because it was the much anticipated ten year anniversary of the event.

By now most of us know about the magical event that is Bert’s Big Adventure, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that takes chronic or terminally ill children and their families on an all expense paid, red carpet treatment trip to Walt Disney world annually.  A big thanks to Bert’s Big Adventure for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful event yet again.  Below are some of the best photos from the event, we hope you enjoy!

The tables were beautifully adorned with sky blue tablecloths, over a hundred royal purple chair covers and balloons galore! (Courtesy of Balloonacy)

The movie reel centerpieces, which included photo’s of past Bert’s Big Adventure Kids, only added to the spectacular decor!

Upon arrival, the families were welcomed into the Carters VIP lounge.  Here they could partake of the scrumptious sweets buffet, decorate their own journal to document their upcoming adventure, or simply relax and take in a Disney film with a glass of sparkling cider in hand.

The great Ken Scott graced the stage and put on a magic act that was not to be missed!

Vendor Credits

Balloons: Balloonacy

Photographer: Rustic White Photography

Face Painter: Magic Ladder Entertainment

Draping: Unique Event Management

Magician: Ken Scott

We were featured on Pizzazzerie!

The wonderful Courtney Dial featured our setup for a Peter Rabbit themed party on her website Pizzazzerie! Check it out!

Summer Camps List and Activities

Now that you know what to consider when you’re thinking about summer camps, now it’s time to pick one! Like we mentioned in our last post, you should pick a camp with a concentration that your child is interested in. Here we have a list of different camps that have different concentrations and some that have multiple concentrations. Each camp has a link for you to read further into each one. Happy searching!

Music & Theater Camps:

Sports Camps:

Sleep-Away Camps:

Film/Technology & Fashion Camps:

Mommy and Me Tea

Any young child loves time with just mommy. So why not make an event out of it? Create a tea party for you and your special little guest! We personally love pretty pink princess tea parties, but feel free to change the theme in whichever way you like, to fit your unique tea guest! Take a trip with Alice to Wonderland or even have a tea fit for an English gentleman. Print out a simple invitation that you can leave as a surprise in their lunch box. Have a box of dress up clothes for them to play with when you start your time together. Also, tea parties are a great way to get in a simple manners and etiquette lesson, because you never know if your little one will be having dinner with the president one day!

Here are a few hand-picked ideas that we gathered from some of our favorite websites. The flower shaped pb&j’s are so cute and simple! Take the ideas you love the most and enjoy your private tea time with your special someone!

Sources: Flower Sandwiches, Lemon Coconut Cupcakes, Pink Tablescape, Teacups, Tea Party Invitation, Tea Pot Centerpiece, Mrs. Potts Cake Pops

Rainy Day Activities

Usually on rainy days you here the words “I’m bored!” It’s hard not to just send the kids to the TV when you hear this, but even though it’s wet outside that doesn’t mean that you and your little ones can’t have fun inside! With some ideas on hand, the next time you hear the cry of boredom you will be fully prepared.

Create Silly Creatures

You’ll need a few index cards for this rainy day activity. On the blank side of the cards, have your children draw heads, bodies and legs of different animals. When you’re all done making several different animals, mix and match the cards to create new animals! You can create enough cards to have your very own imaginary zoo (with a very low admissions fee). Store the cards with a rubber band and take them anywhere, even when it’s not raining.

Dream Boards

For this craft you will need a tri-fold project board or simply a a large sheet of construction paper, some markers, magazines and any other craft supplies that you want to use. (Btw, here is a http://frugaldad.com/crayola/coupon from Crayola to help you save on some crafting supplies). Have your little one think about all the things that they want to do, what they want to be when they grow up and all of their biggest hopes and dreams. They can use pictures they find in the magazines, draw pictures themselves and create their own dream board. Hang it up in their room for daily inspiration.

It’s a Secret Code

You will only need a pencil and paper for this simple activity. On the sheet of paper your kids can create symbols and squiggles to represent each letter in the alphabet. They can share it with their siblings, you or anyone they would like! It’s their very own secret language. If they do decide to share it with you, you can use it to write them letters and special notes.

Create Your Own Rain Dance

You can pick a special song for this activity or do it with out music. Create our very own rain dance with your kids. Keep it simple, but fun and try to remember it. Whenever the rain starts pouring you can all do it together! This is also a great way to get them moving even though they’re stuck inside.