Real Events: Bert’s Big Adventure Send Off Party

Several years ago I was approached by one of my favorite clients, Stacey Weiss, to get involved in a nonprofit that she runs – Bert’s Big Adventure. Bert’s Big Adventure is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to take children with a chronic or terminal illness and their families on an all-expense paid, red carpet treatment trip to Walt Disney World each year. It’s a chance for these families to escape, for just a few days, the endless hospital visits and treatments and have a few days of magic.  As a mom of small children, this is a cause that is close to my heart and I was more than happy to get involved. They asked us to help them make the Send off event a true red carpet experience to really set the stage for the magical adventure the families are about to embark upon. Each year we have added more touches and made it just a little better and this year was my
favorite yet.  The show is broadcast live from the event at the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta and it is an exciting begining to this magical trip.
This year a Mardi Gras theme was chosen and we used a bright and festive color scheme of purple, gold and green. We designed invitations
and signage using a Mardi Gras mask as the element we carried throughout. The familes were greeted with welcome baskets containing our
signature themed water bottles and gorgeous brightly colored mask sugar cookies.
Our vision was to create a mini “Bourbon Street” in the hotel ballroom. Each vendor was set up as a mini “shop” with fun. New Olreans themed
names. We made our Posh Tot Events shop “Camille’s Costume Emporium” and helped the children to dress up in fun costumes. We had street
lights and signage to mark the path and the entrance was marked with a huge balloon mask arch.
The food station area was  dubbed “Crescent Street Cafe”, and we set up small bistro size tables with umbrellas around them to help create the
feel of a street side cafe. Carters, a major sponsor of Bert’s Big Adventure, enlisted our help to create their booth – the “Bourbon Street Art Studio”.
We filled it with area rugs, arts supplies and brightly colored tables and chairs set up as art stations at which the children decorated journals
to take with them on their trip. 


Something new we added this year was an event stage for the performers. We had a magician and several musicians and entertainers that
had time on the stage to perform. We arranged the tables around the stage so everyone could get a good view of the fun and adorned
them with beautiful organza overlays in green and purple. We topped them with floating balloon centerpieces with feather boas and
table names that gave a nod to famous New Orleans places and phrases. Each table was also sprinkled with brightly colored coins
for good luck.


Something we have been doing every year is a pampering area for the parents. We have enlisted the help of hair and makeup artists
and massage therapists to provide services to the very deserving parents of these children and this year they were setup in their own mini “suites”.

To view more pictures from this event and learn more about the organization, visit Bert’s Big Adventure.

Vendor Credits

Entertainers:  Curtains Up, Turner Magic, Imagine It Children’s Museum

Face Painting: Fancy Faces 4 U

Linens: I Do Linens

Draping: Unique Event Management

Makeup and Hair: Balance Salon and Aura Hair and Makeup

Inflatable and pop up tents: Jumptastic

Massage Therapy: Victoria Kramer Massage

Balloon Design: Balloonacy

Welcome Basket Cookies: Yummy Delicious Cookies

Embroidered backpacks for the children: The Monogrammed Marketplace


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