Rainy Day Activities

Usually on rainy days you here the words “I’m bored!” It’s hard not to just send the kids to the TV when you hear this, but even though it’s wet outside that doesn’t mean that you and your little ones can’t have fun inside! With some ideas on hand, the next time you hear the cry of boredom you will be fully prepared.

Create Silly Creatures

You’ll need a few index cards for this rainy day activity. On the blank side of the cards, have your children draw heads, bodies and legs of different animals. When you’re all done making several different animals, mix and match the cards to create new animals! You can create enough cards to have your very own imaginary zoo (with a very low admissions fee). Store the cards with a rubber band and take them anywhere, even when it’s not raining.

Dream Boards

For this craft you will need a tri-fold project board or simply a a large sheet of construction paper, some markers, magazines and any other craft supplies that you want to use. (Btw, here is a http://frugaldad.com/crayola/coupon from Crayola to help you save on some crafting supplies). Have your little one think about all the things that they want to do, what they want to be when they grow up and all of their biggest hopes and dreams. They can use pictures they find in the magazines, draw pictures themselves and create their own dream board. Hang it up in their room for daily inspiration.

It’s a Secret Code

You will only need a pencil and paper for this simple activity. On the sheet of paper your kids can create symbols and squiggles to represent each letter in the alphabet. They can share it with their siblings, you or anyone they would like! It’s their very own secret language. If they do decide to share it with you, you can use it to write them letters and special notes.

Create Your Own Rain Dance

You can pick a special song for this activity or do it with out music. Create our very own rain dance with your kids. Keep it simple, but fun and try to remember it. Whenever the rain starts pouring you can all do it together! This is also a great way to get them moving even though they’re stuck inside.


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