Announcing Posh MOM Events

We so many exciting things going on but the most exciting, in my opinion, is the launch of Posh Mom Events. We are working on taking all the great details that we have put into our Posh Tot parties and taking them to the moms. How many time have we had moms at our spa parties say “Do you do this for moms too”? Oh, about a hundred! So the hammer hitting us on the head finally worked. We have hired an amazing woman named Maryann Shuman to run Posh Mom Events Atlanta and we are so excited!

We will be creating several theme party packages geared towards moms that will be perfect for girl’s nights in, baby showers, birthdays or just because. Additionally, we will be building a community of local moms and giving them access to some of the coolest stuff going on in this great city. Think private shopping nights, exclusive preview shows and movie events and much more. Join Posh Moms Atlanta today and stay tuned for more details. The new packages will be up on our site soon so if you have an event coming up, want to make it posh and pass off the work to someone else – give us a call!

Jennifer, Shannon and Maryann

Posh Mom Events Atlanta



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